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Conan Role-Playing Game

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The Conan Role-Playing Game was published by TSR, Inc. in 1985.

Conan Role-Playing Game
Conan Role-Playing Game
Boxed set cover
Designer(s)Zeb Cook
Publisher(s)TSR, Inc.
Publication date1985
Genre(s)Sword and sorcery


This boxed game was designed for players age 10 and up contained a full-color map, a 32-page rule book, a 16-page reference guide of talents, weaknesses, and charts, and a 48-page notebook about the land of Hyboria plus two 10 sided dice.

Game mechanicsEdit

The game's main rules are adapted from the Marvel Super Heroes rules, a role-playing game first published by TSR in 1984 and mainly designed by Jeff Grubb, although Zeb Cook brought some help, as stated by Grubb himself.[1] The system refers D100 dice rolls to a resolution table. Mark Krawec, a member of the RPGnet community, recovered the system from the past in 2007, named it ZeFRS (Zeb's Fantasy Roleplaying System[2]) and published a free PDF document where the game mechanics had been completely expurgated from any licensed Conan material.[3][4] Two years later, in 2009, a ZeFRS paperback book was printed and distributed.[5]


The series produced three adventures, each based on novels from the Conan series.

  • Conan the Buccaneer
  • Conan the Mercenary
  • Conan Triumphant


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