Computing Today

Computing Today was a computer magazine published by Argus Specialist Publications, it was printed in the UK from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s. It began life as a supplement to Electronics Today International for four issues and became an independent publication in March 1979. Some time after 1982 it bought out rival computing magazine Microcomputer Printout (formerly Printout) and the two magazines merged into one[1] with the title Personal Computing Today.[2] The first issue appeared in August 1982.[2] The magazine ceased publication in February 1985.[2][3]

Computing Today
Computing Today May83 p1.jpg
Cover of Computing Today from May 1983
CategoriesHome computing
First issueMarch 1979
Final issue
February 1985
CompanyArgus Press
CountryUnited Kingdom

It gave computer hardware and software reviews, programming tutorials and program listings for many of the popular home computers of the time. UK subscription cost 10 pounds 50 pence including postage circa 1981.


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