Compile Maru

Compile Maru Co., Ltd. (株式会社コンパイル丸, Kabushiki gaisha Konpairu Maru, stylized as COMPILE◯, コンパイル〇) is a video game development company founded in 2016 by Masamitsu Niitani (founder of the former company Compile and the creator of Puyo Puyo) as a new venture.[1]

Compile Maru Co., Ltd.
FormationApril 19, 2016
PurposeVideo game development
Key people
Masamitsu Niitani [ja] (founder and CEO)


Niitani decided to found Compile Maru to publish his new development, Nyoki Nyoki, and as a new venture after the previous company he founded: Compile.

In an interview with Fumio Kurokawa, Niitani talks about the success of Puyo Puyo and how a game potentially on par with Tetris grew the company he founded in 1982. He also mentions that "entrepreneurship is 'but me', and there are no objectives" and "the common people only know tactics", criticizing the big companies and their commercial objectives. He also mentions that "the opportunity to start a business is 'alone or as a company'", which led him to create his own company Compile, spirit that he would maintain throughout his life when he founded Compile Maru and developed Nyoki Nyoki.[1]


See alsoEdit

  • Compile, former company founded by Niitani
  • Compile Heart, another company founded after Compile's bankruptcy
  • D4 Enterprise, the company that holds the majority of the rights to Compile's old IP


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