Communist Party (bolsheviks) of Lithuania and Belorussia

The Communist Party (bolsheviks) of Lithuania and Belorussia (Russian: Коммунистическая партия (большевиков) Литвы и Беларуси, abbreviated КП(б)ЛиБ; Lithuanian: Lietuvos ir Baltarusijos komunistų partija (bolševikai)) was a communist party in the Lithuanian–Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, existing from March 1919 until November 1920. It was created through the merger of the Communist Party (bolsheviks) of Belorussia and the Communist Party of Lithuania. When the LBSSR was dissolved, the two parties were reconstituted as separate entities.[1]

Members of the Central CommitteeEdit

A 15-member Central Committee was elected during the unification party congress. Its members included:[2][3]

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