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Commodore Power/Play was one of a pair of computer magazines published by Commodore Business Machines in the United States in support of their 8-bit home computer lines of the 1980s. The other was called Commodore Interface, changed to just Commodore in 1981, Commodore Microcomputer in 1983, and finally to Commodore Microcomputers in 1984 and for the rest of its run. The two magazines were published on an alternating, bimonthly schedule.

Commodore Power/Play
Commodore Power-Play February–March 1986.jpg
February/March 1986 issue
PublisherCommodore Business Machines
Year founded1982
Final issue
October/November 1986
Volume 5, Number 5 (Issue 23)
CountryUnited States
Based inWest Chester, Pennsylvania

History and profileEdit

Power/Play was started in 1982 a quarterly publication.[1] The magazine was targeted at the home computer user, emphasizing video games, educational and hobbyist uses of the Commodore 64/128 and Commodore VIC-20 models.[2] Commodore Microcomputers initially served Commodore's business customers using the PET and CBM lines but as the business market segments standardized on CP/M and later MS-DOS, the coverage of the two magazines essentially overlapped, until the November 1986 issue, when both magazines were switched from a bi-monthly to a monthly schedule and retitled Commodore Magazine.[3]


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