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Commission or commissioning may refer to:



Project validationEdit

  • Commissioning, a process or service provided to validate the completeness and accuracy of a project or venture:
    • Building commissioning, a quality assurance process during and following building construction
    • Project commissioning, a process of assuring that all components of a facility are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the requirements of the owner or client

Military useEdit

Civilian governmentEdit

Executive agenciesEdit

A government agency, regulatory agency or statutory authority that operates under the authority of a board of commissioners. The independence of these bodies can vary a great deal.

Executive branchesEdit

An executive branch of government, often with characteristics of other branches of government:

  • Town commissioners, elected local government bodies established in urban areas in Ireland in the 19th century
  • City Commission, a form of local government (common in the United States)
  • The European Commission, a body incorporating features of an executive branch of government and a civil service

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