Comita of Gallura

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Comita Spanu was the giudice of Gallura, in Sardinia, from 1133 to 1146. He was the son and successor of Constantine II.

The Giudicati of Sardinia.

Around 1130, Comita, like Gonario II of Torres and Constantine I of Arborea, did homage to the archdiocese of Pisa. On 26 June 1132, Comita was at the judicial palace of Logudoro at Ardara to do homage to Roger, Archbishop of Pisa. This last act helped establish the supremacy of Logudoro by its strong relationship to the Pisan see.

Comita had five children:

  • Constantine, acting judge of Arborea (1199), married Anna, daughter of Barisone II of Arborea
  • Maria (died c. 1173)
  • Comita (died after 1185)
  • Elena (died c. 1159)
  • Furat


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