Come Clean (film)

Come Clean is a 1931 American pre-Code short film starring Laurel and Hardy, directed by James W. Horne and produced by Hal Roach.

Come Clean
LH come clean poster.jpg
Directed byJames W. Horne
Written byH.M. Walker
Stan Laurel (uncredited)
Produced byHal Roach
StarringStan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Gertrude Astor
Linda Loredo
Mae Busch
Charlie Hall
Tiny Sandford
CinematographyArt Lloyd
Edited byRichard C. Currier
Music byMarvin Hatley
Leroy Shield
Release date
  • September 19, 1931 (1931-09-19)
Running time
CountryUnited States


Mr. and Mrs. Hardy wish to have a quiet night in their apartment, but are interrupted when Mr. and Mrs. Laurel pay a visit. After Stan says he'd like to go for ice cream, he and Ollie go out to fetch some. On their way back home, they prevent a shrewish woman named Kate from committing suicide. Kate is ungrateful and makes threats against the boys unless they look after her. They spend a frantic evening trying to keep her out of sight from their wives. Kate is eventually hidden in the Hardys' bathroom with Stan.

Kate is shortly exposed and arrested as a wanted criminal by a policeman summoned by the apartment-block doorman, and Stan is informed that he is entitled to a $1,000 reward for her capture. When Stan suggests spending the money on ice cream, Ollie washes him down the bath plughole.


Production notesEdit

  • The opening scene was a reworking from their silent film Should Married Men Go Home?
  • Linda Loredo, who plays Mrs. Laurel, had appeared in several foreign-language versions of several previous short films. This was her only part in an English language Laurel and Hardy film. She died on August 11, 1931, a month before the film's release.
  • The film was later reworked into the plot of the 1942 film Brooklyn Orchid (a Hal Roach's Streamliner), starring William Bendix and Joe Sawyer.


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