Colorado State Board of Education

The Colorado State Board of Education is a government body in the U.S. state of Colorado tasked with general supervision of public schools.[1] The Constitution of Colorado was amended in 1948 to authorize an elected State Board of Education and the first elections took place in November 1950.[2] The board is composed of members elected from districts corresponding to Colorado's congressional districts. During periods when Colorado is allocated an even number of congressional seats, an additional member is elected by statewide vote, thereby leading to an odd number of members and reducing the potential for tied votes.[3] Following the 2020 census, there are eight districts and therefore nine members.


Elected in partisan elections, board members serve staggered six-year terms. Districts 5, 6, and the at large seat hold elections in years divisible by six, followed two years later by Districts 2, 4, and 8, and two years later by Districts 1, 3, and 7.[4]

Colorado Board of Education members[4]
District Representative Party Residence Assumed office Current term ends
1st Lisa Escárcega Democratic Denver 2021 2027
2nd Angelika Schroeder Democratic Boulder 2009[a] 2025
3rd Stephen Varela Republican Pueblo 2023[b] 2025[c]
4th Debora Scheffel Republican Parker 2018[d] 2025
5th Steve Durham Republican Colorado Springs 2014[e] 2029
6th Rebecca McClellan Democratic Centennial 2017 2029
7th Karla Esser Democratic Lakewood 2021 2027
8th Rhonda Solis Democratic Greeley 2023[f] 2025
At large Kathy Plomer Democratic Broomfield 2023 2029


  1. ^ Originally appointed in January 2009 and subsequently elected
  2. ^ Originally appointed in January 2023
  3. ^ A special election will be held in November 2024 to decide who will fulfill the remainder of the term ending in 2027
  4. ^ Originally appointed in February 2018 and subsequently elected
  5. ^ Originally appointed in December 2014 and subsequently elected
  6. ^ Elected for an initial 2-year term following the creation of the 8th district


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