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Colorado State Board of Education

The Colorado State Board of Education is a government body in the U.S. state of Colorado tasked with "general supervision of public schools." It is composed of members elected from districts corresponding to Colorado's congressional districts – following the 2000 census, there are seven districts and therefore seven members. Elected in partisan elections, they serve six-year terms.

During periods when Colorado is allocated an even number of congressional seats, an additional member is elected to the State Board of Education by statewide vote, thereby leading to an odd number of members and reducing the potential for tied votes. The last person so elected was Jared Polis, elected in 2000 when the state had six seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Polis's term expired in January 2007 and the additional seat ceased to exist.


District Representative Party Residence Term ends
1st Valentina Flores Democratic Denver
2nd Angelika Schroeder Democratic Boulder
3rd Joyce Rankin Republican Carbondale
4th Vacant[1]
5th Steve Durham Republican Colorado Springs
6th Rebecca McClellan[2] Democratic Parker
7th Jane Goff Democratic Arvada


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