Hueytlatoani Colimotl or Rey Coliman is a mythical and possibly historical figure who is considered a symbol of the Mexican state of Colima. According to legend, he was the last emperor of the Tecos people, who inhabited the region which became Colima until the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Colimotl is known for leading a rebellion against the Spanish conquest. His army defeated the Spaniards in two battles at Trojes and Palenque de Tecoman before falling in the Battle of Alima near modern-day Tecomán, at which Colimotl was killed.

Modern depiction of Colimotl

Despite the uncertainty over his existence and the facts of his life, Colimotl's resistance to Spanish conquest has made him a popular symbolic figure in modern-day Colima. In a survey conducted in the 1990s to determine the cultural symbols of several Mexican states, more than 80% of Colimans chose Colimotl as a symbol of Colima. He is commemorated by a statue in Colima City, which was erected in 1955 and designed by Juan F. Olaquíbel.[1][2]


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