Coffee Crisp
A Coffee Crisp split in half

Coffee Crisp is a chocolate bar made in Canada. It consists of alternating layers of vanilla wafer and a foamed coffee-flavoured soft candy, covered with a milk chocolate outer layer. It is marketed by Nestlé.


The bar originated in the United Kingdom in the 1930s as a chocolate bar named Rowntree's Wafer Crisp. This was at a later point renamed "Chocolate Crisp". The bar was later introduced to Canadians as Biscrisp. In 1938, a coffee variation (Coffee Crisp) was added to the line of flavoured Biscrisps (which included fruit flavours). In 1988, Nestle acquired Rowntree's including its Canadian operation and the Toronto chocolate factory where the bar is produced. As of 2014 the product is marketed by Nestlé Canada.

Other versions of the confectionEdit

In 2001, the first variation of the Coffee Crisp brand was introduced, a limited edition "Coffee Crisp Orange" flavour. A limited amount of the orange flavour was reissued in 2002. That same year, a limited edition "Coffee Crisp Raspberry" flavour was released. "Coffee Crisp Café Caramel" was sold in the summer of 2004 and again in the summer of 2006. A limited edition "Coffee Crisp White" was launched in the autumn that same year. A limited edition maple flavoured bar was available from April to September 2005.

For much of the 2000s, Coffee Crisp was available in "French Vanilla" and "Triple Mocha" flavours. In 2005, the coffee bean shaped "Coffee Crisp Beans" were introduced. The most recent bar form was Coffee Crisp Yogurt.

In January 2007, all variations of Coffee Crisp bars other than the original were discontinued.

Coffee Crisp 70% dark chocolate was introduced in 2009. Some time between 2008 and 2010, French Vanilla and Chocolatey Crunch variations were made available. In 2014, Coffee Crisp Latte was released in celebration of Coffee Crisp's 75th anniversary.

A Coffee Crisp-flavoured ice cream bar and ice cream flavour are also available.

Availability outside CanadaEdit

Canadian expatriates have long lamented the bar's relative unavailability outside Canada. Coffee Crisp is available in Australia at some specialised sweet shops, and unofficial exports of Coffee Crisp treats (originally labelled for the Canadian market) to the U.S. have also taken place, particularly in shops near the Canada–United States border.

There was a petition at asking Nestlé to market the Coffee Crisp in all U.S. cities. According to the site, the petition succeeded,[1] and Nestlé began marketing the Coffee Crisp nationwide in late July 2006.[2] In April 2009, the marketing of the Coffee Crisp bar into the U.S. was discontinued by Nestlé Canada.[citation needed] In May 2009 Coffee Crisp was being exported into the U.S. market by British Wholesale Imports.


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