Cocopah Indian Reservation

Yuma County with Cocopah reservation highlighted

The Cocopah Indian Reservation is the reservation of the federally recognized Cocopah Indian Tribe, which represents Cocopah peoples in the United States. As of the 2000 census a resident population of 1,025 persons, of whom 519 were solely of Native American heritage, lived on the 25.948 km2 (10.019 sq mi) Cocopah Indian Reservation, which is composed of three non-contiguous sections in Yuma County, Arizona, lying northwest, southwest and south of the city of Yuma, Arizona.[1] The larger section, bordering the Colorado River, lies west of the Yuma suburb of Somerton, while the other section lies just east of Somerton.

There is a casino and bingo hall on the reservation. Another Yuman group, the Quechan, lives in the adjacent Fort Yuma Indian Reservation.


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