River Wangki in Miskitu or Río Coco, in Spanish, formerly known as the Río Segovia, Cape River,[1] or Yara River,[2] is a river located on the border of northern Nicaragua and southern Honduras. It is the longest river that runs entirely within the Central American isthmus with a total length of 841 km (523 mi).[3]

Wangki River
Río Segovia, Cape River, Yara River
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Coco River is located in Central America
Coco River
Location of the mouth
CountriesNicaragua and Honduras
Physical characteristics
 • locationSomoto Canyon, Madriz Department, Nicaragua
 • coordinates13°27′06″N 86°42′32″W / 13.45167°N 86.70889°W / 13.45167; -86.70889
 • elevation2,219 ft (676 m)
MouthCaribbean Sea
 • location
 • coordinates
15°00′N 83°08′W / 15.000°N 83.133°W / 15.000; -83.133Coordinates: 15°00′N 83°08′W / 15.000°N 83.133°W / 15.000; -83.133
 • elevation
0 ft (0 m)
Length841 km (523 mi)
Basin size27,000 km2 (10,000 sq mi)
 • average600 m3/s (21,000 cu ft/s)
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The river originates in the Somoto Canyon National Monument, near where the Pan American Highway crosses into Nicaragua, and flows through low mountainous terrain 841 kilometres (523 mi) into the Caribbean Sea at Cabo Gracias a Dios; the middle and lower reaches form the Honduras-Nicaragua border.

On September 7, 2007, major international news wires reported that the Río Coco was over 11 metres (36 ft) above normal stage, two days after category 5 Hurricane Felix made landfall.


Point Coordinates
(links to map & photo sources)
Somoto Canyon - source 13°27′06″N 86°42′32″W / 13.4518°N 86.7088°W / 13.4518; -86.7088 (Somoto Canyon - source) Elevation: 2219 ft
El Ocotal 13°36′40″N 86°28′10″W / 13.6111°N 86.46944°W / 13.6111; -86.46944 (El Ocotal) Elevation: 1776 ft
Los Encuentros 13°29′45″N 86°16′00″W / 13.4959°N 86.2667°W / 13.4959; -86.2667 (Los Encuentros) Elevation: 1509 ft
Jicaro River confluence 13°31′00″N 86°00′10″W / 13.5167°N 86.0028°W / 13.5167; -86.0028 (Jicaro River confluence) Elev: 1150 ft
Joins Nicaraguan-Honduran border 13°49′58″N 85°45′10″W / 13.8328°N 85.75278°W / 13.8328; -85.75278 (Joins Nicaraguan-Honduran border) Elev: 856 ft
Waspam 14°44′45″N 83°58′20″W / 14.7458°N 83.9722°W / 14.7458; -83.9722 (Waspam) Elev: 83 ft
Cabo Gracias a Dios - mouth 15°00′00″N 83°08′00″W / 15.00°N 83.1334°W / 15.00; -83.1334 (Cabo Gracias a Dios - mouth) Elev: 0 ft

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