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The Río Coco, formerly known as the Río Segovia, Cape River,[1] or Yara River,[2] is a river in southern Honduras and northern Nicaragua. The Miskito Indians who live along the river know it as the Wanki or Wanks River.

Coco River
Countries Nicaragua, Honduras
 - location San Marcos de Colón, Choluteca, Honduras
Mouth Caribbean Sea
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 15°00′N 83°10′W / 15.000°N 83.167°W / 15.000; -83.167Coordinates: 15°00′N 83°10′W / 15.000°N 83.167°W / 15.000; -83.167
Length 750 km (466 mi)
Mosquito coast.jpg
Coco River (Mosquito Coast)

The river originates near San Marcos de Colón in present-day Honduras, and flows 750 kilometres (470 mi) into the Caribbean Sea; the middle and lower reaches form the Honduras-Nicaragua border to the Atlantic Coast.

On September 7, 2007, major international news wires reported that the Río Coco was over 11 metres (36 ft) above normal stage, two days after category 5 Hurricane Felix made landfall.


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