Cob or COB may refer to:


  • Cob (horse), a small sturdy horse or large pony
  • Cob, an adult male swan
  • Cob, a gull
  • Cob, an archaic English word for a spider, sometimes still used to refer to an orb-weaver spider

Parts of plantsEdit

  • Corncob, the inner part of an ear of maize (corn) on which the kernels grow
  • Cob or cob nut, another name for a hazelnut

Materials and objectsEdit

  • Cob (material), a building material for making walls using compacted clay, sand and straw
  • Cob or cobbing board, a wooden instrument used for punishment: see Paddle (spanking)
  • Cob, Spanish gold and silver coins that were irregularly shaped and crudely struck: see Spanish dollar
  • Cob (bread), a crusty bread roll shaped like a squashed ball, commonly used in the English Midlands: see List of bread rolls

Geographical objectsEdit

  • The Cob, a seawall in Porthmadog, Wales
  • The Cob, a seawall in Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales
  • Kingsley Castle, also known as Castle Cob, a medieval motte in Kingsley, Cheshire, England




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