Coat of arms of Eswatini

The coat of arms of Eswatini is a coat of arms depicting various symbols for traditional Eswatini culture. The lion represents the King and the elephant represents the Queen-mother. They support a traditional Nguni shield which represents "protection". Above the shield is the king's lidlabe, or crown of feathers, normally worn during Incwala (the festival of the harvest). On a banner below the shield is Eswatini's national motto, Siyinqaba, meaning, "We are the fortress".

Coat of arms of Eswatini
Coat of arms of Eswatini.svg
ArmigerKing Mswati III
CrestA Crown of feathers proper
TorseAzure and Or
BlazonAzure, a Swazi battle shield with decorations, all proper
SupportersTo the dexter, a Lion and to the sinister an Elephant, both proper
"We Are The Fortress"


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