Coastline is an outdoor sculpture by American artist Jim Sanborn installed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration complex in Silver Spring, Maryland.[1]

ArtistJim Sanborn
Year1993 (1993)
TypeOutdoor sculpture
Dimensions1.8 m × 9.1 m × 23 m (6 ft × 30 ft × 75 ft)
LocationSilver Spring, Maryland
Coordinates38°59′29″N 77°01′47″W / 38.991452°N 77.029715°W / 38.991452; -77.029715 (Coastline (sculpture))

Coastline attempts to recreate the effect of waves crashing on the Atlantic coast (represented by rough-cut granite).[2] This is achieved with artificial waves generated by a turbine and pneumatic blower underneath the sculpture. The wave frequency is controlled by a remote tide gauge in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, that sends actual wave heights to the sculpture's control mechanism in real time.[3] Sanborn built a quarter-size scale model of the sculpture and consulted with a wave engineer while doing research for the project.[2]

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