Coast Lines Limited provided shipping services in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Channel Islands from 1917 to 1971.[1]

Coast Lines Ltd
FounderOwen Philipps, 1st Baron Kylsant
SuccessorP&O Ferries
Area served
England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Channel Islands


Powell, Bacon and Hough Lines Ltd was formed in 1913 in Liverpool. The name of Coast Lines Limited was adopted in 1917, when the company was purchased by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company at a cost of £800,000.[2] (equivalent to £45,832,867 in 2020),[3]

In 1931, the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company was dissolved after the Royal Mail Case and the chairman Lord Kylsant was imprisoned in 1931 for misrepresenting the state of the company to shareholders.[4] Coast Lines achieved independence under the chairmanship of Sir Alfred Read (1871-1955), who had previously been a director.

From 1917 to 1951, Coast Lines acquired a controlling interest in a large number of coastal shipping companies, eventually numbering about twenty, of which the most important were:

By 1951, the company operated a fleet of 109 ships, which carried over four million tons of cargo, over half a million head of livestock, and more than a million passengers.

The British and Irish Steam Packet Company and the City of Cork Steam Packet Company were sold off in 1965 to the Irish Government.

The remains of the company was acquired by P&O Ferries in 1971 [5]



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