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CloudCamp is an unconference[1] for cloud computing[2] early adopters, held internationally on an ad hoc basis.



CloudCamp was formed to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing.[3] The founders include Dave Nielsen, Reuven Cohen and Sam Charrington.[4] The first CloudCamp was held June 24, 2008 in San Francisco, California.


CloudCamp is a participant-driven unconference that can run on its own or within a larger conference. At CloudCamp, the agenda is not completely set until the attendees arrive and set it. While CloudCamp has its roots in Cloud Computing, the format can be used for a wide range of topics. The format is loosely based on the Open Space Technology format which has been around since the early 80's.

A Typical CloudCamp is a combination of 5-Minute Lightning Talks as well as questions, answers and breakout sessions proposed by the attendees. Here is an example agenda:

5:30pm Food & Drinks
6:00pm Welcome & Introductions
6:15pm Lightning Talks (5 minutes each)
- Lightning Talk #1
- Lightning Talk #2
- Lightning Talk #3
- Lightning Talk #4
- Lightning Talk #5
7:00pm Unpanel - Questions & Panelists from attendees
7:45pm Unconference - Session Topics proposed by attendees
8:00pm Breakout Sessions - Round 1 (1 or more sessions)
8:45pm Breakout Sessions - Round 2 (1 or more sessions)
9:30pm Wrap-up
9:45pm End


As of April, 2015 over 300 events had been conducted. CloudCamps have taken place worldwide with events held in Africa, Australia, Asia, India,[5] Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.[6]

CloudCamp has spawned other camps such as BigDataCamp & DataScienceCamp

CloudCamp has attracted numerous sponsors[7] with their meetings can be attached to mainstream conferences.[8]

The largest CloudCamp to date was CloudCamp Dhaka in Bangladesh on December 7th, 2012, with a crowd of 600 people in attendance.[9]

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