Clivia (opera)

Clivia is a 1933 operetta by Nico Dostal to a libretto by Charles Amberg. The premiere was 23 December 1933 at the Berlin Theater am Nollendorfplatz. The plot concerns the adventures of a film star, Clivia Gray, in the South American republic of Boliguay and her romance with the Boliguayan president. The premiere featured Lillie Claus, later Dostal's wife, and Walter Jankuhn in the tenor role of the president.[1]


  • Anneliese Rothenberger, Fritz Schröder-Jahn, Walter Giller, Hans Herbert Fiedler, Rupert Glawitsch, NWDR SO Hamburg, Wilhelm Stephan 1951


  1. ^ Andrew Lamb - 150 Years of Popular Musical Theatre 2000 - Page 230 0300075383 "It was another operetta with a topical plot about the movies that gave success to Nico Dostal (1895-1981), who had for some years pursued a career as a theatre conductor and arranger. Clivia (1933) concerns film star Clivia Gray, who goes to the South American republic of Boliguay to make a movie, becomes involved in various political complexities, and ends up marrying the Boliguayan president. Walter Jankuhn played the tenor role of the president, and Lillie Claus (who later married Dostal) was Clivia. She had the two big numbers: the introductory "Man spricht heut' nur noch von Clivia" and the reflective "Ich bin verliebt."