Clinical Center of Vojvodina

The Clinical Center of Vojvodina (Serbian: Клинички центар Војводине / Klinički centar Vojvodine), commonly known as Provincial Hospital (Serbian: Покрајинска болница / Pokrajinska bolnica) is a hospital providing tertiary level health care services for the population of Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia. It is located in the capital of Vojvodina, in Novi Sad. The Clinical Center is also the single emergency centre and inpatient hospital for the population of the city of Novi Sad and the region of South Bačka.

Clinical Center of Vojvodina
Emergency center of Clinical Center of Vojvodina
LocationHajduk Veljka 1, 21137 Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Coordinates45°15′03″N 19°49′24″E / 45.250891°N 19.82322°E / 45.250891; 19.82322
FundingPublic hospital
Academic Medical Center
Affiliated universityUniversity of Novi Sad
Emergency departmentYes
Beds1,425 (2017)[1]
Opened1909; 115 years ago (1909)
ListsHospitals in Serbia

The clinics and diagnostic centers within the Clinical Center also represent the main research and education facilities of the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Medicine and provide specialist trainings for medical graduates.


Institute of Surgery Novi Sad

The Great City Hospital was founded in 1909, and it was comprised departments of surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, dermatology and venereal, and internal and infectious diseases. Later, name of the hospital was changed into the Main Provincial Hospital (Glavna Pokrajinska bolnica), with around 400 beds. In 1977, the hospital became a teaching hospital, following the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine within the University of Novi Sad.

The present Clinical Center of Vojvodina was founded by the decision of the Government of Serbia in 1997.

As of 2017, the Clinical Center holds 1,425 hospital beds,[1] and its staff of 2,738 includes 502 medical doctors, 5 pharmacists, 1,350 nurses and technicians, 34 allied health professionals, 182 administrative and 665 ancillary and maintenance workers.[citation needed]

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