Clermont Transportation Connection

Clermont Transportation Connection (CTC) is a public transportation agency serving Clermont County, Ohio, United States. It operates two fixed transit bus routes, the Dial-A-Ride demand responsive transport service, and paratransit service. The two fixed routes are express routes from suburban areas to Downtown Cincinnati. Three Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority bus routes (28, 29X, 82X) also extend into the county with funding from CTC.

Clermont Transportation Connection
Clermont Transportation Connection logo.png
Headquarters4003 Filager Road in Batavia, Ohio
Service areaClermont County, Ohio
Service typeBus
Fuel typeDiesel

CTC was founded in 1977 as Clermont Area Rural Transit (CART).[1]


No. Route Description
2X New Richmond Express Travels twice in each direction per day, providing express service along the US 52 corridor between two park and ride lots in the suburb of New Richmond and Downtown Cincinnati. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the route has been running once daily.
4X Amelia Express Travels seven times per day in each direction, providing express service along the Ohio State Route 125 corridor to Downtown Cincinnati; a variety of suburban pick-up locations, including one park and ride lot, are located in Amelia, Batavia Township, Pierce Township, and Union Township.

Former routes:

  • Route 1, the Felicity - Eastgate Shuttle, traveling once in each direction per day, provided a crucial link between rural Felicity and Franklin Township with both places of employment and shopping destinations in suburban Union Township. The route's final run was on September 26, 2019.
  • Route 3 provided all-day local service between Milford, Goshen Township, and Miami Township, with connecting service to Downtown Cincinnati via SORTA Routes 28 and 28X.

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