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Hieromartyr Clement, Bishop of Ancyra or simply Clement of Ancyra (c. 258-312) (born in Ancyra present-day Turkey) was a bishop who served during the rule of Roman emperor Diocletian. He was arrested by Roman authorities and tried by Diocletian. Emperor Diocletian attempted to convert Clement to Paganism but Clement refused and withstood tremendous torture. Clement was eventually beheaded by a Roman soldier whilst he was celebrating the Divine Liturgy in the year 312.[1] He is venerated on 23 January according to the Gregorian calendar and on 5 February according to the Julian calendar in some Eastern Orthodox countries together with his disciple Agathangelus of Rome.

Hieromartyr Clement, Bishop of Ancyra
Clement ancyra.jpg
Icon of Saint Clement of Ancyra
Bornc. 258
Rome (then Roman Empire)
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodox Church
Feast23 January (Gregorian calendar), 5 February (Julian calendar)

Clement's relics are in the saint's altar in the basilica of Our Lady of Trapani in Trapani.[2]

The Saint Clement Church is the only structure survived from the Byzantine era in Ankara.[3]


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