Clement Spiette

Clement E. G. Spiette (born 24 September 1916 in Illford Essex) was a Belgian canoeist who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics. In 1936 he and his partner Charles Brahm finished ninth in the K-2 10000 m event.

Clement Spiette training for the Olympic games of 1936 in Nazi Germany (Berlin).

Louis Spiette and Joanna Janssens (Clement's parents) Left Belgium during the first World War. They went to England where clement was Born in 1916 During world war I. After the war he returned, In 1946 his first child was born in Belgium.


Championship Belgium 1936 1000M & 10000M 1st place
Championship Belgium 1937 10000M 1st place
Championship Belgium 1938 10000M 1st place
Antwerpen -> St-Amands 31Km. 15 May 1938 2u 21m 17sec.