Cleburne High School

Cleburne High School is a public high school located in the city of Cleburne, Texas. The school is in the Cleburne Independent School District.[2]

Cleburne High School
850 Nolan River Road, Cleburne, Texas, United States
Coordinates32°20′50″N 97°25′37″W / 32.3472°N 97.4269°W / 32.3472; -97.4269Coordinates: 32°20′50″N 97°25′37″W / 32.3472°N 97.4269°W / 32.3472; -97.4269
School districtCleburne Independent School District
PrincipalBen Renner
Staff118.51 (FTE)[1]
Enrollment1,738 (2018–19)[1]
Student to teacher ratio14.67[1]
MascotYellow Jackets


A high school was occupied in Cleburne in the 1910s, replacing an older schoolhouse. [3]

The school was completely renovated in 2020.[4]


The Cleburne Yellow Jackets play football games at the Yellow Jacket Stadium.[5] The stadium was built in time for the 1941 football season, on a plot of land that was in possession of the then-Superintendent Emmett Brown. At this point, the team were coached by Ernest Guinn, future principal and later superintendent.[6]

Cleburne has won three state championships. The most recent was in 1995 in 4A girls basketball, and twice before in football, both times being recognized as co-champions when the championship game ended in a tie. The first title was in 1920 (with Houston Heights High School), which was also the first championship recognized by Dave Campbell's Texas Football. The second was in 1959 at Class AAA, a co-championship with Breckenridge.[7]



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