Mustafa Khattab

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Mustafa Khattab is a Canadian-Egyptian imam and author of The Clear Quran. He holds a professional ijâzah in the Ḥafṣ style of recitation.[1]

Mustafa Khattab
Personal details
AwardsBA, MA, Ph.D. Al-Azhar University
Alma materAl-Azhar University


By 2012 Khattab was imam of Al Rashid mosque, Edmonton.[2] In 2013, he spoke at Edmonton Islamic Academy where his comments on homosexuality caused controversy prompting comments from the Alberta Education Minister.[3] Khattab regretted the contoversy and claimed it was unfair for him to be characterized as homophobic.[4][5][6]

Khattab subsequently became chaplain at Brock University.[7] By 2018 he was imam of St. Catharines mosque and a member of the Canadian Council of Imams.[citation needed]


The Clear Quran: a thematic English translation is a Canadian English interpretation of the Quran. It was published in 2015 by[8] Khattab, the author, stated a mistranslation of dabbah as an early motivation to complete the project: whereas Khattab perceived a living being, translations often rendered the word animal. [9]

Khattab eschews "KJV" Early Modern English familiar to many Western readers instead using modern Canadian English hoping to appeal to a broader audience.[9] Owais Manzoor Dar, in the Greater Kashmir English daily newspaper noted George Sale as long time foremost and the first non-Muslim translator of the Qur’ãn with Mustafa Khattab as one of the native Arabic speakers who have produced an English translation.[10]

In 2020, The Clear Quran: a thematic English translation became the default translation available on[citation needed]


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