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Claybourne is a 1998 radio drama in 96 episodes with elements of science fiction, supernatural thriller, and soap opera. The series was produced by Andrew Dubber and Belinda Todd of Pronoun Productions after the production of Ashley's Worlds.

Running time 5-6 minutes per episode
Country of origin New Zealand
Language(s) English
Home station Newstalk ZB
Starring see below
Written by Jim McLarty & William Davis
Produced by Andrew Dubber and Belinda Todd
Original release 1 June 1998 – present
No. of episodes 96



After a breakup, American Thompson is on holiday from his work for Koestler Industries and arrives in Claybourne. He starts to investigate the death of behavioural psychologist Helen, working for Koestler on a secret project with commercial as well as military applications. He teams up with Mata and Mike of the Te Whenua o Te Irirangi-people and local bartender Karen.



The sound was designed by Andrew Dubber and Sean James Donnelly. The music was performed by Victoria Kelly and Joost Langeveld.

The show was designed with a story arc spanning a full year in mind, but was cancelled after six months and ending the show on a cliffhanger. In 2006, Dubber sketched what he remembered of how the writers and producers imagined it may have continued.[1]

Airing and later releaseEdit

The show aired four days a week just after 15:00 and with a repeat at 01:00.

Andrew Dubber later released the work under a Creative Commons license (by-nc 2.0) on Bandcamp as free download around 2006.[1]


Claybourne won "Best Dramatic Production of the Year" at the 1999 New Zealand Radio Awards.


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