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Claxtonola Records

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Claxtonola was a jazz record label founded in 1918 by the Brenard Manufacturing Company in Iowa City, Iowa.[1] It reissued Paramount, Black Swan, and Gennett Records masters on the Claxtonola and National labels.[2] The label closed in 1925.[1]


The company's recordings include:[3]

The Wolverines:

The Bucktown Five:

  • Hot Mittens

Hitch's Happy Harmonists:

  • Steady Steppin' Papa

Midway Gardens Orchestra:

  • Tin Roof Blues
  • Black Sheep Blues
  • Lots 0' Mama
  • Sobbin' Blues

Fletcher Henderson, on National:

  • Aunt Hagar's Children
  • My Sweetie Went Away

Jelly Roll Morton, on National:

  • Muddy Water Blues


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