Claus de Werve

Claus or Claux de Werve (c. 1380–1439) was a sculptor active at the Burgundian court under Philip the Bold between 1395 and 1439. He was probably born in the Dutch city of Haarlem around 1380.

Claus de Werve
WLA metmuseum Poligny Virgin.jpg
Virgin and the Child of Poligny the Metropolitan Museum
Bornc. 1380
Other namesClaux de Werve
St Barbara, by Claus de Werve.

In 1396 he became the assistant to his uncle, Claus Sluter at the Burgundian court in Dijon, France. He helped his uncle carve the mourners on the tomb of Philip the Bold.[1] Upon Sluter's death in 1406 he took over the position of Chief Sculptor at the court. As chief sculptor he produced a number of masterpieces, including the Virgin and the Child of Poligny, now at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.


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