Classic Loire Atlantique

Classic Loire Atlantique is a road bicycle race held annually in the French department of Loire-Atlantique. Since 2011, it is organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour, after upgrading from category 1.2.

Classic Loire Atlantique
Race details
RegionLoire, France
Local name(s)Classic Loire Atlantique (in French)
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
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First edition2000 (2000)
Editions22 (as of 2022)
First winner Frédéric Delalande (FRA)
Most wins Alexis Gougeard (FRA) (2 wins)
Most recent Anthony Perez (FRA)


Year Country Rider Team
2000   France Frédéric Delalande
2001   France Nicolas L'Hote
2002   Norway Rune Jogert Krone
2003   France Thomas Voeckler Brioches La Boulangère
2004   Estonia Erki Pütsep AG2R Prévoyance
2005   Spain José Alberto Martínez Agritubel–Loudun
2006   Russia Sergey Kolesnikov Omnibike Dynamo Moscow
2007   France Nicolas Jalabert Agritubel
2008   Spain Mikel Gaztañaga Agritubel
2009   France Cyril Bessy Besson Chaussures–Sojasun
2010   France Laurent Mangel Saur–Sojasun
2011   Netherlands Lieuwe Westra Vacansoleil–DCM
2012   France Florian Vachon Bretagne–Schuller
2013   Belgium Edwig Cammaerts Cofidis
2014   France Alexis Gougeard Ag2r–La Mondiale
2015   France Alexis Gougeard AG2R La Mondiale
2016   France Anthony Turgis Cofidis
2017   France Laurent Pichon Fortuneo–Vital Concept
2018   Denmark Rasmus Quaade BHS–Almeborg Bornholm
2019   France Rudy Barbier Israel Cycling Academy
2020 No race due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2021   France Alan Riou Arkéa–Samsic
2022   France Anthony Perez Cofidis

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