Clara Dobokai

Clara Dobokai (before 1330 – after 1370) was the second wife of Nicholas Alexander, Voivode of Wallachia.


Clara was the daughter of a Hungarian nobleman, John Dobokai, whose domains were located in Transylvania.[1] Her mother's name and family are unknown.[2] Clara's father was present at a trial in 1312, showing that he was of age at that time.[3] Clara was most probably born in the 1310s or 1320s, according to historian Mihai Florin Hasan.[3] Hasan says that she was given in marriage to Nicholas Alexander of Wallachia in the early 1340s.[4]

Wife of Nicholas AlexandruEdit

Nicholas Alexandru was the son of Basarab, the first independent ruler of Wallachia.[5] Clara and Nicholas Alexandru have two daughters:


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