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Claisebrook railway station is a Transperth railway station 1300 metres from Perth, in Western Australia, on the Armadale/Thornlie and Midland lines.

LocationGraham Farmer Freeway, East Perth
Western Australia
Operated byTransperth Trains
Distance1.3 km (0.8 mi) from Perth
Platforms4 (1 island, 2 side)
Structure typeOpen Station
Other information
Station codeMCK
Fare zone1, SFTZ
Preceding station   Transperth Trains network   Following station
SmartRider Free Transit Zone
towards Perth
Midland Line
All, B, P
Zone 1
towards Midland
Midland Line
Zone 1
towards Midland
Armadale Line
Zone 1
towards Armadale
Thornlie Line
Zone 1
towards Thornlie
Armadale Line
B, C
Zone 1
towards Armadale



Opened in 1883 under the name East Perth, Claisebrook station is a busy junction along the Midland and Armadale/Thornlie lines due to both lines running through the station and the Claisebrook railway depot being next door.

The original railway station was built in timber with hardwood weatherboarding and external and timber lining. Rendered brick fireplaces were built in two of the rooms - possibly the waiting rooms and railway staff room and had very elegant rendered chimney caps providing a balance to the roof.

The Battye library carries the original plans and shows exposed heavy timber trussing of the roof which was very typical of the architecture of railway buildings of the era. The roofing was corrugated iron curved to provide a concave upper surface with the roof overhanging the tracks and providing cover to passengers leaving and arriving at the station. As railway rolling stock grew taller the wide eaves and the timber trussing of the roof were trimmed back giving the roof a truncated appearance.

The station was located centrally between the east and west bound tracks and provided access to both. In 1984 the station was relocated to Whiteman Park to be the Central Station on the light railway system under construction in the majority by the Western Australian Light Railway Preservation Association and the Metropolitan Region Planning Authority funded under Wage Pause and Community Employment Programmes.

In 1969, a new railway terminal was built 600 m away on the Midland line called East Perth, and caused this station to be renamed Claisebrook after a watercourse that is near the station.[1][2] Between 2002 and 2003 the station was mostly rebuilt with new station structures, signage, platform finishes and a footbridge.


The current platforms are currently in use at Claisebrook:

[2778] Claisebrook station platforms
Stop Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
99021 1 Armadale/Thornlie All stations Perth
99022 2 Armadale All stations, B, C Armadale
Thornlie T Thornlie
99023 3 Midland All stations Perth
99024 4 Midland All stations, A, B, P Midland

Bus connectionsEdit

Claisebrook Station at night

Connections are available by Yellow CAT, which serves throughout East Perth, West Perth, and the City's centre corridor.

Stop Route Destination / description Notes
[16965] Claisebrook station Yellow CAT 3 Yellow CAT to West Perth via Wellington Street[3]
[16966] Fielder Street Northbound 905 Rail replacement service to Midland
907 Rail replacement service to Armadale
908 Rail replacement service to Thornlie
[16967] Fielder Street Southbound 905, 907, 908 Rail replacement service to Perth


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