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The Clásico RCN (Spanish for RCN Classic) is an annual cycling road race that takes place over many stages through different regions of Colombia during October. It is organized by the Colombian Cycling Federation.[1]

Clásico RCN
Logo oficial Clásico RCN Claro 2013.jpg
Date October
Region Colombia
English name RCN Classic
Local name(s) Clásico RCN (in Spanish)
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI
Type Stage race
First edition 1961 (1961)
Editions 57 (as of 2017)
First winner  Rubén Darío Gómez (COL)
Most wins  Rafael Antonio Niño (COL) (5 wins)
Most recent  Juan Pablo Suárez (COL)

The event is sponsored by Radio Cadena Nacional, which is one of the oldest and largest radio networks in Colombia, and by a network of Colombian business in Medellín "Empresas Públicas de Medellín".[2] The Clásico RCN and the Vuelta a Colombia are the most important stage races in Colombia.[3][4][5]



The first event was held in 1961 and was won by Ruben Dario Gomez. Many well-known Colombian cyclists have won the event, including Martín Emilio Rodríguez, Fabio Parra, Luis Herrera and Rafael Antonio Niño.

During the 1980s, the Clásico RCN held several "open" events in which professional cycling teams from Europe came and competed in the race.[6] It has been written that the reason for this was for Elite professionals in Europe to get altitude training in the early season in Colombia.[7] Some of the teams competing in the Clásico RCN during the eighties included Peugeot-Shell-Michelin, Renault-Elf-Gitane, SEM-France Loire, La Vie Claire, Zor and Reynolds[6] which resulted in stage wins by Pascal Simon, Laurent Fignon, Bernard Hinault, Charly Mottet and Martial Gayant.[8] In the 1992 edition of the Clásico RCN, the Carrera Jeans–Vagabond and Festina cycling teams competed where Sean Kelly, Claudio Chiappucci, Thomas Wegmuller won stages of the event.[9]

In the history of the event, there has been two times when the overall winner was later disqualified for doping. This happened in 1971 when Álvaro Pachón Morales was disqualified, and the win was given to Rafael Antonio Niño, and also in 1991 when Pablo Emilio Wilches Tumbia was disqualified with the win going to Fabio Hernán Rodríguez Hernández.[10] There was a tragic accident in the 1985 edition of the race when Jorge Iván Ramírez fell during a stage and died later.[11]

Although the Clásico RCN now occurs in October, past events have taken place in March, April, May and August. It began as a two-day event, but its duration and distance were increased and, in 2000, it consisted of ten stages.

Past winnersEdit

Rider Team
1961   Gómez, Ruben DaríoRubén Darío Gómez (COL) Camisas Jarcano
1962   Gómez, Ruben DaríoRubén Darío Gómez (COL) Camisas Jarcano
1963   Rodríguez, Martín EmilioMartín Emilio Rodríguez (COL) Antioquia Blue Bell- Wrangler
1964   Buitrago, GabrielGabriel Buitrago (COL) Antioquia-Cuadernos Bolivariana
1965   Suarez Cueva, JesusJésus Suarez Cueva (COL) Antioquia Suramericana
1966   Suarez Cueva, JesusJésus Suarez Cueva (COL) Antioquia Suramericana
1967   Rodríguez, Martín EmilioMartín Emilio Rodríguez (COL) Antioqua Wrangler-Caribú
1968   Grijalba, JairoJairo Grijalba (COL) Valle-Canada Dry
1969   Pachon Morales, AlvaroAlvaro Pachòn Morales (COL) Cundinamarca Relojes Pierce
1970   Gonzalez, OscarOscar González (COL) Pilsen
1971   Nino, Rafael AntonioRafael Antonio Niño (COL) Singer
1972   Mejia, AlbeiroAlbeiro Mejía (COL) Caribú
1973   Dios Morales, Juan deJuan de Dios Morales (COL) Singer
1974   Cáceres, NorbertoNorberto Cáceres (COL) Ferreteria Reina
1975   Nino, Rafael AntonioRafael Antonio Niño (COL) Banco Cafetero
1976   Jimenez Bautista, JoseJosé Jiménez Bautista (COL) Banco Cafetero
1977   Nino, Rafael AntonioRafael Antonio Niño (COL) Banco Cafetero
1978   Nino, Rafael AntonioRafael Antonio Niño (COL) Benotto
1979   Nino, Rafael AntonioRafael Antonio Niño (COL) Lotería de Boyaca
1980   Navarro, FabioFabio Navarro (COL) Perfumeria Janeth
1981   Gutierrez, ManuelManuel Gutierrez (COL) Bicicletas Ositto
1982   Herrera, LuisLuis Herrera (COL) Freskola
1983   Herrera, LuisLuis Herrera (COL) Isla de Aquitania
1984   Herrera, LuisLuis Herrera (COL) Pilas-Varta
1985   Rodriguez, FranciscoFrancisco Rodriguez (COL) Zor
1986   Herrera, LuisLuis Herrera (COL) Café de Colombia
1987   Parra, FabioFabio Parra (COL) Café de Colombia
1988   Mejia, AlvaroÁlvaro Mejía (COL) Castalia
1989   Mejia, AlvaroÁlvaro Mejía (COL) Manzana Postobon
1990   Wilches, GustavoGustavo Wilches (COL) Manzana Postobon
1991   Rodriguez, FabioFabio Rodriguez (COL) Pony Malta-Avianca
1992   Camargo, AlbertoAlberto Camargo (COL) Manzana Postobon
1993   González, Luis AlbertoLuis Alberto González (COL) Glacial
1994   Aguirre, Julio CesarJulio César Aguirre (COL) Manzana Postobon
1995   Montana, RaúlRaúl Montaña (COL) ZG Mobili Glacial
1996   Ochoa, IsraelIsrael Ochoa (COL) Glacial
1997   Montana, RaúlRaúl Montaña (COL) Caprecone
1998   Montana, RaúlRaúl Montaña (COL) Aguardiente Nectar
1999   Hernandez, JairoJairo Hernández (COL) Orbitel
2000   Ramírez, Juan DiegoJuan Diego Ramírez (COL) Orbitel
2001   Ramírez, Juan DiegoJuan Diego Ramírez (COL) Orbitel
2002   Castelblanco, JoseJosé Castelblanco (COL) Columbia Selle Italia Alc.Cabimas
2003   Castelblanco, JoseJosé Castelblanco (COL) Columbia Selle Italia Alc.Cabimas
2004   Buenahora, HernanHernán Buenahora (COL) Orbitel
2005   Nino, LibardoLibardo Niño (COL) Loteria de Boyaca Coordinadora
2006   González, Javier AlbertoJavier Alberto González (COL) EPM Orbitel
2007   Nino, LibardoLibardo Niño (COL) UNE Orbitel
2008   Sevilla, OscarÓscar Sevilla (ESP) Rock Racing
2009   Ortega, MauricioMauricio Ortega (COL) UNE-EPM
2010   Cárdenas, FélixFélix Cárdenas (COL) GW Shimano-Chec Edec
2011   Infantino, RafaelRafael Infantino (COL) EPM-UNE
2012   Sevilla, OscarÓscar Sevilla (ESP) Formesan-Pinturas Bler-IDRD-Bogotá Humana
2013   Gomez, CamiloCamilo Gomez (COL) Coldeportes Claro
2014   Óscar Soliz, Óscar SolizÓscar Soliz (BOL) Movistar Team América
2015   Omar MendozaOmar Mendoza (COL) Movistar Team América
2016   Sevilla, OscarÓscar Sevilla (ESP) EPM
2017   Juan Pablo SuárezJuan Pablo Suárez (COL) EPM


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