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The City Clerk of Chicago is in charge of record-keeping for the city of Chicago and its elections. When the Chicago City Council is in session, the City Clerk serves as council secretary. This position is a citywide elected office, one of three city-wide elected officials in the City of Chicago, with the Mayor and the Treasurer being the others.

The City Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining official city government record (such as the Municipal Code of Chicago), distributing approximately 1.3 million vehicle stickers and residential parking permits, and issuing city business licenses.

The current city clerk is Anna Valencia.

Significant City Council transparency efforts have included posting nearly 700,000 pages of searchable City Council records to the City Clerk website, This includes every ordinance passed since 1981, as well as city budgets and mayoral executive orders going back nearly 30 years. In addition, City Council meetings can be watched live or on demand via a City Council video archive on the City Clerk's website,


City ClerksEdit

City Clerks Term Notes
Anna Valencia 2017- She was appointed in 2017, and elected in 2019.
Susana Mendoza 2011-2016 She was elected in 2011. She resigned to become the Illinois Comptroller.
Miguel del Valle 2006-2011 He was appointed in 2006. He resigned to run for mayor in 2011.
James Laski 1995-2006 He was elected in 1995. After reelection in 2005, he resigned after his indictment for corruption.[1][2]
Ernest Wish 1993-1995 He was appointed in 1993. He did not seek election after his full term concluded.[3]
Walter Kozubowski 1979-1993 He was elected in 1979. He resigned after pleading guilty to corruption.[4][5][6]
John C. Marcin 1955-1979 He was elected in 1955. At the end of his term, he became a alderman for the 35th Ward.[4][7][8]
Ludwig D. Schreiber 1939-1955 He was elected 4 times starting in 1939.[4][9]
Peter J. Brady 1931-1937 [4]
Patrick S. Smith 1927-1931 [4]
Al F. Gorman 1923-1927 [4]
James T. Igoe 1917-1923 [4]
Joseph Siman 1917 [4]
John Siman 1915-1917 [4]
Francis D. Connery 1909-1915 He was elected in 1909. His term may have ended in 1915.[4][10]
John R. McCabe 1907-1909 [4]
Adrian C. Anson 1905-1907 [4]
Fred C. Bender 1903-1905 [4]
William Loeffler 1897-1903 [4]
Charles A. Gastfield 1893-1895 [4]
James R.B. Van Cleave 1891-1893 [4]
Franz Amberg 1889-1891 [4]
D.W. Nickerson 1887-1889 [4]
Herman C. Plautz 1885-1887 [4]
John G. Neumeister 1883-1885 [4]
Patrick J. Howard 1879-1883 [4]
Casper Butz 1876-1879 [4]
Jos. K.C. Forrest 1873-1875 [4]
Charles T. Hotchkiss 1869-1873 [4]
Albert H. Bodman 1865-1869 [4]
A.J. Marble 1861-1863 [4]
Abraham Kohn 1860-1861 [4]
H. Kreismann 1857-1860 [4]
Henry W. Zimmerman 1851-1857 [4]
Sidney Aboll 1848-1851 [4]
Henry B. Clarke 1846-1848 [4]
William S. Brown 1845-1846 [4]
Edward Rucker 1844-1845 [4]
James M. Lowe 1843-1844 [4]
James Curtiss 1842-1843 [4]
Thomas Hoyne 1840-1842 [4]
William H. Brackett 1839-1840 [4]
George Davis 1837-1839 [4]
Isaac N. Arnold 1837 Inaugural City Clerk[4][11]

Town ClerksEdit

The position of City Clerk was preceded by the position of Town Clerk, which existed after Chicago had been incorporated as a town and before Chicago was incorporated as a city.

City Clerks Term Notes
James Curtiss 1836-1837 Became Clerk in September 1836[12]
Ebenezer Peck 1836 [12]
Charles V. Dyer 1836 Resigned immediately after being elected at the June 6, 1936 town election (held at the Tremont House)[12]
Ebenezer Peck 1835 Coincidingly served as the town's Counsel[12]
Alexander N. Fullerton 1835 Elected in July 1835 town election[12]
Edwards W. Casey 1834-1835 Became Clerk in November 1834. Coincidingly served as Corporation Counsel.[12]
Isaac Harmon 1834 Elected clerk in August 11, 1834 town election. Coincidingly served as Town Collector.[12]
H. J. Hamilton 1833-1834 [12]
E. S. Kimberly 1833 Inaugural Town Clerk[11]


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