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Dykyi Sad archaeological site

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Reconstruction of the site

The Dykyi Sad archaeological site constitutes the remains of an ancient port city discovered in the Dykyi Sad park (Ukrainian: Дикий Сад, lit. 'Wild Garden') in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The site is dated to the Bilozerska culture, around 1250–925 BC.[1][2]

Researchers have proposed that the site is the "City of the Cimmerians" mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey.[3] Though the geography of the Odyssey is a contentious field, if true, this would make Mykolaiv the oldest city in Ukraine that is mentioned in written sources.[4]


Coordinates: 46°58′52″N 31°58′59″E / 46.981°N 31.983°E / 46.981; 31.983