Citroën C6

The Citroën C6 is an executive car produced by the French car maker Citroën from 2005 to 2012. The Citroën C6 was inspired by the Citroën C6 Lignage concept car with a fastback saloon like styling.

Citroën C6
Citroën C6 – Frontansicht (1), 26. März 2011, Düsseldorf.jpg
Production2005–Dec 2012 (LHD)
2005–May 2012 (RHD)
AssemblyRennes, France
DesignerJean-Pierre Ploué
Body and chassis
ClassExecutive car (E)
Body style4-door fastback saloon
LayoutFF layout
PlatformPSA PF3
Engine2.2 L HDi I4
2.7 L HDi V6
3.0 L ES9 V6
3.0 L
Transmission6-speed manual
6-speed automatic
Wheelbase114.2 in (2,901 mm)
Length193.2 in (4,907 mm)
Width73.2 in (1,859 mm)
Height57.6 in (1,463 mm)
Curb weight4,007–4,125 lb (1,818–1,871 kg)
PredecessorCitroën XM
SuccessorCitroën Metropolis (Concept car)
DS 9
Citroën C6 II (China)

Inspired by the Citroën C6 Lignage prototype, which was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 1999, but differs from the concept car's styling in minor details (like not having rear suicide doors for easy access). The C6 was intended as a replacement for the XM, and Citroën was intent on launching it before the end of 2000.


At the time, it was hoped that the C6 would go into production by the end of 2000, as the replacement for the ageing XM, which was first produced in May 1989.

In July 2007, Car ran a 2.7 litre V6 on its long term fleet and rated it for its "waftability" and comfortable interior but felt it was a car that the driver needed time to adjust to.[1] In isolation, the car’s acceleration was regarded as "effortless" but not up to the standards set by similarly priced and equipped vehicles, such as the BMW 535d.[2]


The Citroën C6 Lignage formed the basis of the Citroën C6, which was launched in November 2005, five years later than Citroën had originally planned.[3] The XM ceased production in June 2000, and the first C6 rolled off the production line almost five years later.


Rear side of the Citroën C6

The C6 is powered by either a 3.0 L ES9 V6 producing 211 PS (155 kW; 208 hp) or a 2.7 L V6 HDi diesel producing 204 PS (150 kW; 201 hp). In October 2006 a 2.2 L HDi producing 170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp) with FAP, four cylinders and a dual turbo was introduced.

In June 2009, the new 3.0 L V6 HDi diesel producing 240 PS (177 kW; 237 hp) replaced the 2.7 L V6 HDi.

The C6 has a fastback saloon profile which is due in part to the concave rear window, similar to the Citroën CX and some models of Dodge in the 60s. However, the C6 is a conventional saloon with a classic trunk, and not a hatchback like its XM predecessor.

The C6 was aimed as a stylish alternative to executive cars, like the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6, and it has been described as "spaceship that rides on air", "charmingly idiosyncratic" and "refreshingly different".[4][5]

Citroën hoped that the C6's selling points would be its innovative technology, which includes a head-up display, a lane departure warning system, xenon directional headlamps (also available on the Citroën C4 and Citroën C5), Hydractive 3+ suspension with electronically controlled springing and damping, and a rear spoiler which automatically adjusts to speed and braking.

The C6 was the first car to obtain four stars in the pedestrian test rating of EuroNCAP, due to the inventive design, where the bonnet pops up by 65 mm using a pyrotechnic mechanism if a person/animal is hit, thus increasing the gap between the deformable bonnet, and the non deformable engine components below.[6]

On an episode of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson tested the C6's Hydractive suspension by mounting a camera on it and driving it on the infield of Towcester Racecourse while filming a horse race. Despite the bumps and potholes on the infield, the C6 managed to provide a comfortable ride and stable video coverage of the race while moving at 60 kilometres per hour (37 mph).

At the same time, a BMW 5 Series (with M Sport package) performed the same test, but its suspension could not keep the camera upright.[7]

The C6 immediately became a prominent vehicle among the fleet of executive cars of the Élysée Palace. Former Presidents of France, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, have chosen the Citroën C6 as their official car. Chirac, in particular, used a pre series car before the model was introduced.[8]

Worldwide production and sales figuresEdit

At launch, sales expectations across the model's lifespan were given as 20,000 per year. In July 2008, the C6 car configurator on Citroën UK's website no longer offered black as a colour choice for the popular Exclusive trim levels.[9]

Year Worldwide production Worldwide sales Notes
2005 400 TBA
2006 7,100 TBA
2007 7,600 TBA By 2007, Citroën had manufactured 17,100 C6s.[9]
2008 2,800 TBA
2009 1,000 1,500[10]
2010 1,100 1,400[10]
2011 1,029[11] 922[11] Total production reaches 22,004 units.[11]
Total sales reach 19,400 units.[12]
2012 1,400[13] 1,600[13] Total production reaches 23,400 units.[13]

By October 2008, the manual transmission and the intermediate Lignage specification were no longer offered. Polar white was added to the colour options (replacing Deep Red). The standard navigation system, named until then "NaviDrive", was renamed "Concert Pack".[citation needed] The 3.0 V6 petrol engine was discontinued in February 2009 – only the 2.2 and 2.7 HDi options with six speed automatic gearboxes were offered, in base C6 or C6 Exclusive trim. In June 2009, the 2.7 HDi engine was replaced by the new 3.0 V6 HDi.

As of 2010, only the 3.0 HDi (240) Exclusive trim was offered in some markets, such as the United Kingdom. Options were limited to Sunroof, Lounge Pack (TGV rear seats) and "WiFi on Board",[14] a 3G connectivity solution for the car that is little more than a MiFi box and is unrelated to the onboard telephony of the car.

In May 2012, Citroën ceased production of cars in RHD, and rumours suggested the C6 was to be replaced by the Citroën DS9, based on the Citroën Numero 9 concept car, which would eventually go into production in 2020. The replacement of the Citroën C6 is the DS 9. Citroën ceased production of the C6 in December 2012, after 23,384 units had been built.[15]

Citroën C6 (China) (2016–present)Edit

Citroën C6 II
ProductionLate 2016–present (China)
Assembly  China: Wuhan (Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën)
Body and chassis
ClassExecutive car (E)
Body style4-door saloon
LayoutFF layout
PlatformPSA PF3
RelatedDongfeng Fengshen A9
Engine1.6 L Prince turbo I4
1.8 L EC8 turbo I4
Transmission6-speed automated manual
Wheelbase2,900 mm (114.2 in)
Length4,980 mm (196.1 in)
Width1,858 mm (73.1 in)
Height1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Curb weight1,590–1,655 kg (3,505–3,649 lb)
PredecessorCitroën C6 (first generation)
Second generation Citroën C6 based on the PSA PF3 platform
Second generation Citroën C6 (C6 II) rear view

A new car named C6 is sold in China since the end of 2016, based on the PSA PF3 platform.[16][17][18] Prices in China starts from ¥189,900 yuan to ¥279,900 yuan. Citroën re-used the C6 name, even though the vehicle is different from the original C6.


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