Circle Bridge

The Circle Bridge (Danish: Cirkelbroen) is a pedestrian bridge spanning the southern mouth of Christianshavn Canal in the Christianshavn area of central Copenhagen, Denmark. It connects Applebys Plads to the south with Christiansbro to the north. The bridge was designed by Olafur Eliasson.

Circle Bridge, Copenhagen 2017-08-16 3.jpg
Coordinates55°40′20.44″N 12°35′1.86″E / 55.6723444°N 12.5838500°E / 55.6723444; 12.5838500
CarriesPedestrian and bicycle traffic
CrossesCopenhagen Harbour
LocaleApplebys Plads
Designsteel structure
Total length40 metres (130 ft)
DesignerOlafur Eliasson
Opened22 August 2015


Cirkelbroen seen from the north

The bridge was a gift from the Nordea Foundation. It opened on 22 August 2015.


The bridge consists of five round decks with masts of different heights. The masts are held up by 118 metal cables, giving the bridge a resemblance to a series of sailing yachts. The form highlights the reverse slope of the bridge's rails, which are made of wood from the Brazilian guariuba tree (Clarisia racemosa).[1]

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