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Cippus Perusinus
The Cippus of Perugia, 3rd or 2nd century BCE
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The Cippus Perusinus is a stone tablet discovered on the hill of San Marco, near Perugia, Italy, in 1822. The tablet bears 46 lines of incised Etruscan text. The cippus is assumed to be a text dedicating a legal contract between the Etruscan families of Velthina (from Perugia) and Afuna (from Chiusi), regarding the sharing or use of a property upon which there was a tomb belonging to the noble Velthinas.[1][2]

The date of the inscription is considered to be 3rd or 2nd century BC. The Cippus is conserved in the National Archeological Museum of Perugia.[1]

Original textEdit

Text transcription
eurat tanna larezul ame vaχr.
Lautn . Velθina-ś, eśtla Afuna-s, sleleθc aru ::tezan,
fuśle-ri tesn-ś tei-ś Raśne-ś ipa ama hen.
Naper XII (12) Velthina θuraś araś,
pe raścemulml escul, zuci en esci epl, tularu.
Auleśi, Velθina-ś Arznal, clenśi,
θii θil ścun'a cenu, eplc felic Larθal-ś Afune-ś,
clen, θunχ ulθe fala-ś.
Χi=em fuśle, Velθina hinθa cape, municlet, masu,
naper śran . ctl, θii falśti.
Veltina hut naper penez-ś masu.
Acnina clel Afuna, Velθina mler zinia.
Intemame r cnl Velθina zia śatene tesne,
Eca Velθina θuraś θaura hel-u tes ne Raśne cei.
Tesn-ś tei-ś Raśne-ś χimθ, śpel θuta ścun'a, Afuna mena hen.
Naper ci (3) cnl hare utuśe.
Reverse side:
Velθina śatena zu ci en esci ipa spel ane-θi fulum-χva.
spel-θi, re ne-θi.
Estac Velθina, acil-un-e, turune, ścu-n-e.
Zea zu ci en esci aθumi=cś.
Afuna-ś penθn-a ama.
Velθina, Afun[a]θuruni ein zeri, una cla θil θunχulθ-l.
Iχ ca ceχa ziχuχe.
Supplamentry for the word clel found in the main inscription in the Golini Tomb 1 at Orvieto.
me'ch'l um rasneas clevsinsl: zila'ch'nve pulum (stars).
rumitrinei : ma?ce . clel . lu?[
Supplamentry for the word naper,from a cippus found at Volterra.
l : titesi :cale 's'i
cina : c's' : mes [month] tle's'
[mes, month in Spanish, mese in Italian]
hu'th' [six]: naper' lescan
letem : 'th'ui :
ara's'a : 'th'en tma
se : laei : tre c's'
'th'en's't : me ua'th'a
Supplamentry from the Liber Linteus Column X for comparison
for the words aru,ame,ipa, θuta, cnl, ama.
5 aru’s’ . ame . acnesem . ipa . se’th’umati . siml’ch’a
6 ‘th’ui . turve . acil . ham’ph’e’s’ . lae’s’ . sulu’s’i
7 ‘th’uni . ‘s’er’ph’ue . acil . ipei . θuta . cnl . ‘ch’a’s’ri
8 he’ch’z . sul . sc vetu (carpenter=Latin Faber). ca’th’nis . ::‘s’canin . vei’th’a
9 Ipe . ipa . ma’th’cva ‘ . ama . trinum (three). hetrn . acl’ch’n

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