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"Cimmeria" is a poem by Robert E. Howard about the fictional country Cimmeria, created by Howard as part of his Hyborian world which is the setting for his character Conan the Barbarian. In the poem, Cimmeria is described as a "land of Darkness and deep Night", a gloomy region with dark woods, dusky silent streams, and a leaden cloudy sky.

According to Howard, the poem was "Written in Mission, Texas, February 1932; suggested by the memory of the hill-country above Fredricksburg seen in a mist of winter rain".[1]

Publishing historyEdit

"Cimmeria" was first published in 1965 in the Winter edition of The Howard Collector.

The poem has since been published in:

The "Cimmeria" poem was illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith in Marvel Comic's Savage Tales magazine Volume 1, Number 2 in 1973.

The poem was also illustrated by artist Tomas Giorello in Conan (Dark Horse Comics) the Cimmerian #0 in 2008, and inspired the story arc of Conan the Cimmerian #1–7. Conan the Cimmerian #0–7 were collected and published as Cimmeria, Conan Volume #7 by Dark Horse.


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