Cilentan Coast

The Cilento Coast (Italian: Costiera Cilentana) is an Italian stretch of coastline in Cilento, on the southern side of the Province of Salerno. It is situated between the gulfs of Salerno and Policastro, extending from the municipalities of Capaccio-Paestum in the north-west, to Sapri in the south-east.

The coast nearby Marina di Camerota
Sunset at Licosa
The little beach of San Francesco, south of Agropoli
View of Santa Maria di Castellabate
The central beach of Scario

It is particularly known for its almost unspoiled natural landscapes and the very high cleanliness of its waters.


Map showing municipalities of the Cilentan Coast.

There are 16 municipalities composing the coast, but only two (Agropoli and Sapri) are directly located by the Tyrrhenian Sea, and other two (Ascea and Pisciotta) have got their Marinas very close to the towns. Other localities are frazioni of hillside municipalities.

The promontory of Cape Palinuro, nearly at the centre of the Cilentan coast, is a worldwide touristic landmark.

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Due to the quality of its water, the Cilento Coast is the most awarded coastal area of Campania and one of the most ones of Italian Tyrrhenian Coast, by the Blue Flag beach.[1] Many localities of the coast are also awarded with the Sails, from 5 to 1, of Legambiente.[2]

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