Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater

Coordinates: 56°08′40″N 47°14′40″E / 56.14444°N 47.24444°E / 56.14444; 47.24444

The Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater (Russian: Чувашский государственный театр оперы и балета, (Chuvash: Чӑваш патшалӑх оперӑпа балет театрӗ) is an opera and ballet theater in Cheboksary, Chuvashia (Russia).[1] Initially, it was known as the Chuvash Musical Theater, but was given its present name in 1993.

Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre
Cheboksary Chuvash Music Theatre.jpg
Address1, Moscow prospect
Chuvash Republic, Russia
OpenedMay 22, 1960
Years active1960-present

The yearly International Opera Festival named after Maxim Mikhailov held in the theater since 1991, the International Ballet Festival organized in 1997, the International Competition of Young Opera Singers named after Maxim Mikhailov held for the first time in 2010, and the Festival of Operetta organized in 2010 have become part of the cultural heritage of Chuvashia.[1]


The theater was opened in 1960 with the first opera being Water Mill (Chuvash: Шывармань, romanized: Shyvarman) by F. Vasilev. The founder and first director of the theater was Boris Markov.


  • Arts administrator and conductor is Olga Nesterova
  • Ballet master is Danil Salimbaev
  • Chorus master is Anatoly Fisher


The company has artists from Yoshkar-Ola, St. Petersburg and other cities. The annual Russian and international tours introduce visitors to the work of the Chuvash ballet.


The singers' repertoire includes works of classical and contemporary composers. Artists of the Opera Company are winners of competitions. There is a concert schedule as well as special projects.

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