Chuukic–Pohnpeic languages

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The Chuukic–Pohnpeic or historically Trukic-Ponapeic languages are a family of Micronesian languages consisting of two dialect continua, Chuukic and Pohnpeic. They are the westernmost and historically most recent[1] Micronesian languages.[2]

Linguistic classificationAustronesian


Unique innovationsEdit

Chuukic-Pohnpeic has several unique innovations that separates it as a subgroup from the rest of Nuclear Micronesian. Among the most prominent are historical sound changes from Proto Micronesian.

Historical sound changesEdit

Chuukic-Pohnpeic languages share a number of historical sounds changes from Proto Oceanic and Proto Micronesian. Chuukic languages and Pohnpeic languages separately share later innovations.

Proto Chuukic-Pohnpeic reflexes of Proto Oceanic consonants[3]
Proto Oceanic *mp *mp,ŋp *p *m *m,ŋm *k *ŋk *ŋ *y *w *t *s,nj *ns,j *j *nt,nd *d,R *l *n *ɲ
Proto Micronesian *p *pʷ *f *m *mʷ *k *x *ŋ *y *w *t *T *s *S *Z *c *r *l *n *ɲ
Proto Chuukic-Pohnpeic *p *pʷ *f *m *mʷ *k *∅,r1 *ŋ *y *w *t *j *t *t *c *r *l *n *ɲ

1 Before /a/.

Reconstructed vocabularyEdit

Reconstructed Proto Chuukic-Pohnpeic Vocabulary [4]
Proto Chuukic-Pohnpeic English Gloss Modern Language Reflexes
*awa mouth CAR aaw, PON aaw
*faa brave, strong CHK fa 'be brave, bold', MOK pa 'be talented'
*fawo-ni-pei name of Pohnpei Island WOL fóólopei, PON Pohnpei
*kurupʷu small young coconut CHK kurupʷ, PON kurupʷ 'immature coconut'
*pirafa to steal MRT púraf, PNG pirap
*waiya journey, be foreign CAR weey 'to travel', PON way 'be foreign, from abroad'
*woro- throat, neck CHK woro-mi 'to swallow', PON wɛrɛ 'his/her neck'


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