Churches of Chiloé

The Churches of Chiloé in Chile's Chiloé Archipelago are a unique architectural phenomenon in the Americas and one of the most prominent styles of Chilota architecture. Unlike classical Spanish colonial architecture, the churches of Chiloé are made entirely in native timber with extensive use of wood shingles. The churches were built from materials to resist the Chiloé Archipelago's humid and rainy oceanic climate.

Churches of Chiloé
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Iglesia de Achao-fachada.jpg
Saint Mary Church (Iglesia Santa María) in Achao
LocationChiloé Archipelago, Chile
CriteriaCultural: ii, iii
Inscription2000 (24th Session)
Coordinates42°30′0″S 73°46′0″W / 42.50000°S 73.76667°W / -42.50000; -73.76667
Churches of Chiloé is located in Chile
Churches of Chiloé
Location of Churches of Chiloé in Chile

Built in the 18th and 19th centuries when Chiloé Archipelago was still a part of the Spanish Crown possessions, the churches represent the fusion of Spanish Jesuit culture and local native population's skill and traditions; an excellent example of mestizo culture.

The Churches of Chiloé were designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000. The University of Chile, Fundación Cultural Iglesias de Chiloé and other institutions have led efforts to preserve these historic structures and to publicize them for their unique qualities.[1]


The sixteen churches registered as part of the World Heritage Site are concentrated in the central eastern zone of the archipelago.

Code Name Commune Photo
971-001 Church of Achao Quinchao  
971-002 Church of Quinchao Quinchao  
971-003 Church of San Francisco Castro  
971-004 Church of Rilán Castro  
971-005 Church of Nercón Castro  
971-006 Church of Aldachildo Puqueldón  
971-007 Church of Ichuac Puqueldón  
971-008 Church of Detif Puqueldón  
971-009 Church of Vilupulli Chonchi  
971-010 Church of Chonchi Chonchi  
971-011 Church of Tenaún Dalcahue  
971-012 Church of Colo Quemchi  
971-013 San Juan Bautista Dalcahue  
971-014 Our Lady of Sorrows Dalcahue  
971-015 Church of Chelín Castro
971-016 Church of Caguach Quinchao  


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