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Church of the Holy Trinity, Singapore

Church of the Holy Trinity is a Roman Catholic church in Singapore. Its current address is 20 Tampines Street 11, Tampines New Town, Singapore 529455. It currently has an approximate population of 13,720, the largest parish in Singapore.[1]

Church of the Holy Trinity
Church of the Holy Trinity, Singapore logo.jpg
Location20 Tampines Street 11, Singapore 529455
DenominationRoman Catholic
Founder(s)Rev Fr Paul Tay
DioceseArchdiocese of Singapore
Priest(s)Rev Fr Frederick Quek (Parish Priest),
Rev Fr Peter Tan,
Rev Fr Joe Dinesh


The church was founded in 1988 and is relatively new among the other Roman Catholic churches in Singapore. It was built at a cost of S$8,000,000 and is uniquely designed, being built with features such as a waterfall within the church building itself. A columbarium was also incorporated into the design, with space for 1,400 niches.[2] Thirty-seven acres of the Tampines New Town was itself built on land acquired in 1971 from the Catholic Mission.[3]


The church currently has 3 priests administering to a church of about 13720 Parishioners. These priests are:

  • Rev Fr Frederick Quek (Parish Priest)
  • Rev Fr Peter Tan (Assistant Parish Priest)
  • Rev Fr Joe Dinesh (Assistant Parish Priest)

The church has the following ministries:

  • Faith Formation Ministry
    • Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)
    • Catechetical Ministry
    • Charismatic Group
  • Neocatechumenate Communities
    • 1st Community of Holy Trinity
    • 2nd Community of Holy Trinity
  • Liturgical Ministry
  • Youth Pastoral Council
    • Teens-Connect
    • Youth Wardens
    • Epiphany Choir
    • Youth Band
    • Jesus Youth
    • Mandarin Youth Group
  • Young Adults Ministry
    • Ignite
  • Service Ministry
    • Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SSVP)
    • Evergreen
    • Willing Hands
    • Canteen
  • Legion of Mary
  • Missionary Ministry
    • Chinese Group
    • Filipino Group
  • Neighbourhood Christian Communities (NCC)
    • Simei NCC
    • Tampines NCC


As a Roman Catholic church, the church is naturally affiliated with all other Roman Catholic schools, churches and organisations, particularly in Singapore. However, there are a few that share a markedly closer relationship because of their geographic proximity.

  • East District
    • Church of Divine Mercy (Singapore)
    • Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace (Singapore)
    • Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (Singapore)
    • Church of Holy Family (Singapore)
    • Church of Holy Trinity (Singapore)
    • Church of St Stephen (Singapore)
  • Catholic School
    • CHIJ Katong Convent
    • Hai Sing Catholic School
    • Saint Patrick's School
    • Saint Anthony's Canossian Primary School
    • Saint Anthony's Canossian Secondary School


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