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Church of Misery (チャーチ・オブ・ミザリー, Chāchi obu Mizarī) is a doom metal band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in 1995.[1] Church of Misery's musical style melds early Black Sabbath-style doom with psychedelic rock;[2] most of the band's songs are about serial killers and mass murderers.[3]

Church of Misery
Church Of Misery.jpg
Background information
OriginTokyo, Japan
GenresDoom metal, stoner rock
Years active1995–present
LabelsDoom Records, Bad Acid Trip, Game Two, Man's Ruin, Southern Lord, Kult of Nihilow, Diwphalanx, Dada Drumming, Calculon, A Pile of Dirt, Rise Above, Metal Blade
Associated actsCathedral, Repulsion, Earthride, Blood Farmers
MembersTatsu Mikami
Hiroyuki Takano
Yasuto Muraki
Junichi Yamamura
Past membersHideki Fukasawa
Junji Narita
Ikuma Kawabe
Yoshiakki Negishi
Tom Sutton
Nobukazu Chow
Tomohiro Nishimura
Hideki Shimizu
Takenori Hoshi
Kensuke Suto
Scott Carlson

Bassist Tatsu Mikami has been the sole constant member in their line-up.


Beginnings and line-up changes (1995–2008)Edit

Church of Misery live at Tuska Open Air 2011.

Church of Misery formed in 1995 with a lineup of Mikami, vocalist Kazuhiro Asaeda, guitarist Tomohiro Nishimura and drummer Hideki Shimizu. This line-up recorded the Vol. 1 album, released in 1997 by Doom Records without the band's consent (it was later officially reissued in 2007 by Japan's Leaf Hound Records).[4] In 1996, vocalist Nobukazu Chow replaced Asaeda. The band's first EP, Taste the Pain, was released in 1998 by Bad Acid Records, followed by the Murder Company EP in 1999 on Man's Ruin Records. Singer Yoshiaki Negishi and drummer Junji Narita replaced Chow and Shimizu, respectively, in 2000.

In 2001, Southern Lord Records issued the band's official debut full-length album, Master of Brutality. After its release, founding guitarist Nishimura was replaced briefly by Osamu Hamada and then by Takenori Hoshi.

New singer Hideki Fukasawa joined in time for the band's second full-length album, The Second Coming, released in 2004 by Japanese label Diwphalanx Records. That same year, Leaf Hound released Early Works Compilation, collecting the first band's two EPs, cover versions and other material from 1998-2000. Guitarist Tom Sutton replaced Hoshi in 2006.

They released numerous split albums and EPs between 1998 and 2006, including two with Sourvein, with whom they toured Europe in 2006.

Church of Misery performed at the Roadburn Festival in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.[5]

Bassist Tatsu Mikami has been the sole constant member.

Departures, line-up changes and recent activities (2009–present)Edit

The band's third album, Houses of the Unholy, was issued in 2009 by Rise Above Records and Metal Blade Records. Following its release, prior vocalist Negishi rejoined, lasting until 2011, while Sutton was replaced first by Kensuke Suto and then by Ikuma Kawabe. Fukasawa rejoined on vocals for their fourth album, Thy Kingdom Scum (2013).

In 2014, Church of Misery toured Europe three times, the first being a support slot for Monster Magnet. Following the band's extensive summer tour, Fukasawa, Kawabe and Narita collectively quit, leaving Mikami as the only remaining member of the group.[6]

On January 1, 2015, Mikami announced on the band's official Facebook page that he was planning a new Church of Misery album. Mikami recorded their sixth album, And Then There Were None..., that May in Maryland in the U.S. with session musicians Scott Carlson (ex-Cathedral, Repulsion), Eric Little (Earthride) and Dave Szulkin (Blood Farmers). The album was released in March 2016 by Rise Above.[7] This line-up did not tour.

Mikami searched for new members, and vocalist Hiroyuki Takano (from Japanese sludge band Sithter) and guitarist Yasuto Muraki joined in 2015. On April 24, 2017, it was announced via the band's website and Facebook page that drummer Junichi Yamamura had been added as an official member, with the message "Church of Misery rises again!" A fall tour of Europe along with festival shows were confirmed shortly after, the first to feature the new line-up and the first shows for Church of Misery since the last live line-up ended in 2014.



  • Tatsu Mikami – bass (1995-present)
  • Hiroyuki Takano – vocals (2015-present)
  • Yasuto Muraki – guitars (2015-present)
  • Junichi Yamamura – drums (2017-present)


  • Kazuhiro Asaeda – vocals (1995)
  • Hideki Shimizu – drums (1995–2000)
  • Tomohiro Nishimura – guitars (1995–2001)
  • Nobukazu Chow – vocals (1996–2000)
  • Yoshiaki Negishi – vocals (2000–2004, 2009–2011)
  • Junji Narita – drums (2000–2014)
  • Osamu Hamada – guitars (2001)
  • Takenori Hoshi – guitars (2002–2006)
  • Hideki Fukasawa – vocals & synthesizers (2004–2009, 2012–2014)
  • Tom Sutton – guitars (2006–2010), (touring member only as of 2012)
  • Kensuke Suto – guitars (2010–2011)
  • Ikuma Kawabe – guitars (2012–2014)
  • Scott Carlson – vocals (2015, studio-only)
  • Eric Little – drums (2015, studio-only)
  • David Szulkin – guitars (2015, studio-only)




Studio albumsEdit

Singles and EPsEdit

  • Taste the Pain CD EP (1998, Bad Acid Trip Records)
  • We've Learned Nothing/Church of Misery split with Iron Monkey CD EP (1998, Man's Ruin Records)
  • Murder Company 10" EP (1999, Man's Ruin Records)
  • Boston Strangler 12"/CD EP (2002, Kult of Nihilow Records)
  • Acrimony/Church of Misery split with Acrimony (2003, Game Two Records)
  • Church of Misery/Sourvein split with Sourvein 7" single (2006, Dada Drumming Records)
  • Sourvein/Church of Misery split with Sourvein 7" single (2006, Calculon Records)
  • Church of Misery/Deer Creek split with Deer Creek 12" EP (2006, Calculon Records)
  • Dennis Nilsen 12" EP (2008, Kult Of Nihilow)
  • Greetings From Jonestown 12" EP (2009, A Pile of Dirt Music)
  • "Confessions of an Embittered Soul" flexi 7" (2015, Decibel Flexi Series)

Live albumsEdit

  • Live Beyond the East split with Millarca EP (1998, self-released)

Compilation albumsEdit

Compilation appearancesEdit

  • "Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez)" and "Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson)" on Doomsday Recitation (1997, Cornucopia Records)
  • "Sick of Living (Zodiac)" on Stone Deaf Forever (1999, Red Sun Records)
  • "Come Touch the Sky" Trouble cover on Bastards Will Pay: Tribute to Trouble (1999, Freedoom Records)
  • "Accident" Black Widow cover on King of the Witches: Tribute (2000, Black Widow Records)
  • "Chains of Death" Death SS cover Beyond the Realms of Death SS (2000, Black Widow Records)
  • "Brother Bishop (Gary Heidnik)" on Sludge Metal Massacre Vol. 3 (2013, Holy Grail from Hell)

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