Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum

The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum, founded by Dr. Young Yang Chung in Seoul, is an exhibition, educational, and research facility dedicated to advancing the knowledge and appreciation of embroidery and textile arts.

Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum (C.E.M.)
Korean name
정영양 자수 박물관
鄭英陽 刺繡 博物館
Revised RomanizationJeong Yeong-yang Jasu Bangmulgwan
McCune–ReischauerChŏng Yŏng-yang Chasu Pangmulgwan
LocationSookmyung Women's University, Seoul, South Korea

Inaugurated in May 2004 by Sookmyung Women's University. It was closed for renovation in December 2017. It is expected to reopen in September 2019.[1]

Its exhibits are not limited to Korean embroidery; there are also items from other areas in East Asia (notably Chinese embroidery on imperial robes) and elsewhere.

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