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Chumb is an area of Pakistan near the southern tip of Azad Kashmir. Here are people from various ethnic groups such as Gujjars, Bakerwals, Paharis, khokhars, and Mughals. A Baradari system is prevalent throughout the region, and matters are dealt with by family leaders. Hazel coloured eyes are found, as well as brunette, brown hair colour. The inhabitants of this area have strong spiritual beliefs much like the rest of Pakistan and they visit dargahs regularly.

It is very important area of the state but there is no road structure, health facilities. The voltage of the electricity is equal to 0. There are no pashtoon. Mostly people's language is Pothary and Punjabi. Chumab is also known as Iftihar Abad. It is divided into parts south Iftihara Abad and North Iftihar Abad. There is only one police station (Singry).


A boys college (Kherowal) and girls college (dingawali), a boys high school (porre) and a girls high school (PUNJGRAN) are located here. The people belong to south area are Punjabi and north are mostly Paharis and Gujjars from Rajauri. This is the agricultural area but Government ignored it. The people are mostly farmers. The origins of the Chackmerry community in Chumb are descendants of early Gujjar settlers who have arrived here from Rajauri in India. Many of these inhabitants support the union of Kashmir state with Pakistan as they are culturally similar to Punjabis in Pakistani.