Chuk Yuen Estate

Chuk Yuen North Estate.
Chuk Yuen South Estate.

Chuk Yuen Estate (Chinese: 竹園邨) is a public housing estate in Kowloon, Hong Kong, located north of Wong Tai Sin[1] and underneath Lion Rock. Its site was formerly the Chuk Yuen Resettlement Area.[2][3]

It is divided into Chuk Yuen (North) Estate (Chinese: 竹園(北)邨) and Chuk Yuen (South) Estate (竹園(南)邨). The two estates have eight blocks each,[4][5] and were all built in the 1980s. In 1999, some of the flats were sold to tenants through the Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 2.[6]

At the centre of these buildings is a shopping mall, hosting a McDonald's, 7-eleven, OK, three bakeries, a street market, Watsons, a dim sum restaurant, two supermarkets and a sports centre. Beside the mall are two parks: one with a fish pond and a waterfall and the other with basketball courts and football fields.

Pang Ching Court (鵬程苑) and Ying Fuk Court (盈福苑) fall under the Home Ownership Scheme courts near Chuk Yuen Estate, completed in 1991 and 2001 respectively. They each have one block.


Chuk Yuen (South) EstateEdit

Name Type Completion
Fu Yuen House Twin Tower 1983
Kwai Yuen House
Wing Yuen House
Nga Yuen House Double H 1985
Lai Yuen House
Wah Yuen House Old Slab
Sau Yuen House
Chui Yuen House 1986


Chuk Yuen (North) EstateEdit

Name Type Completion
Yung Yuen House Trident 3 1987
Cheung Yuen House
Tung Yuen House
Mui Yuen House
Chung Yuen House 1988
Pak Yuen House
Wai Yuen House
Toa Yuen House 1989


Pang Ching CourtEdit

Name Type Completion
Ping Ching Court Trident 3 1991


Ying Fuk CourtEdit

Name Type Completion
Ying Fuk Court NCB 2001


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