Christos Tsountas

Christos Tsountas (Greek: Χρήστος Τσούντας; 1857 – 9 June 1934) was a Greek classical archaeologist. He was born in Thracian Stenimachos, Ottoman Empire (present-day Asenovgrad in Bulgaria) and attended Zariphios high school in Plovdiv. In 1886, he discovered and identified the Mycenean palace at Tiryns. He also conducted important excavations at the palace of Mycenae, and he conducted surveys of the Greek mainland and identified more Mycenean and early Bronze Age sites. Tsountas investigated burial sites on several islands of the Cyclades, such as the important site of Kastri in Syros. Between 1898 and 1899, his investigations led him to coin the term "Cycladic civilization". He also conducted archaeological excavations at Sesklo, Agios Andreas, and Dimini. Tsountas also led the first scientific excavations at Amyclae.

Tsountas died in Athens.

Publications (selection)Edit

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  • Tsountas, Chrestos: Ai proistorikai Akropoleis Dimeniou kai Sesklou. Athens 1908.

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