Christophoros Burgaris

Christopher or Christophoros Burgaris was the short-tenured successor of the famous Basil Boiannes as catepan of Italy.

The chronicler Lupus Protospatharius gives the date of Boiannes' departure as 1029, but modern historian Ferdinand Chalandon corrects this to 1027. This synchronises with the death of Guaimar III of Salerno, though other events associated with it are known to have occurred in 1028. Lupus, however, misplaces the election of Byzantius as archbishop of Bari, which occurred before 1025, in this year and therefore his whole chronology for the period seems to be in error, in our manuscripts at least.

Christophoros saw the recommencement of the Saracen incursions. In 1027, Obbiano capitulated and Bari had to repel and assault. Christophoros was out of power by 1029. He was replaced by Pothos, under whom the Saracen attacks continued.


Preceded by
Basil Boioannes
Catepan of Italy
Succeeded by
Pothos Argyros