Christopher Shackle

Doctor Christopher Shackle, FBA (born 4 March 1942)[1] is a retired Professor of Modern Languages of South Asia in the University of London, Department of the Languages and Cultures of South Asia, and also Professor, Department of Study of Religions at that university.[2][3][4] He is furthermore the head of the Urdu department at the School of Oriental and African Studies of London, Project Leader at the Arts and Humanities Research Council's Centre for Asian and African Literatures, and a member of the Centre of South Asian Studies.[5]

He is an expert of the Saraiki language, which he learned from Mehr Abdul Haq. He has written several books on Saraiki literature and Khwaja Ghulam Farid. He was active in saraiki writers' circle and friend of Umer Kamal Khan and Aslam Rasoolpuri etc.

He has written many books, and published over 19 book chapters and journal articles in the field or Urdu literature. He served as Head of Department from 1983 to 1987 and as Pro-Director of SOAS from 1997 until 2003.


  • Fellow of the British Academy in 1990.
  • 2004 Award of the Royal Asiatic Society
  • Pakistan's highest award for the arts, the Sitara-i-Imtiaz, in 2005

Books writtenEdit

  • Teach Yourself Punjabi
  • The Siraiki Language of Central Pakistan; A Reference Grammar
  • From Wuch to Southern Lahnda: A Century of Siraiki Studies in English
  • (with A. Mandair) Teachings of the Sikh Gurus: Selections from the Sikh Scriptures, 214 pp., Routledge (UK & US). ISBN 0-415-26604-1. 2005.
  • Saraiki Marsiya, 94 pp. Bazm-e Saqafat (Pakistan). ISBN none. 2003.
  • (with D. J. Matthews, S. Husain) Urdu Literature, 288 pp., Alhamra (Pakistan). ISBN 969-516-119-7. 2003.
  • (with J. Majeed) Hali's Musaddas: The Flow and Ebb of Islam, 262 pp., Oxford University Press (Delhi). ISBN 0-19-564091-8. 1997.
  • Edited books: 2003. SOAS Since the Sixties, 185 pp. SOAS (UK). ISBN 0-7286-0353-5.
  • Teachings of Khawaja Farid (Translation of Isharat-i-Faridi), 1978: Bazm-i-Saqafat-Multan
  • Fifty Poems of Khawaja Farid: Translation in English Verse of Poems of Khawaja Farid, published 1973: Bazm-i-Saqafat-Multan Pakistan.


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